What You Didn't Know About Acid Reflux Meds

Scott Ludwig, ki'netik FITNESS owner, explains the dangers of depending soley on medications to control acid reflux . www.kinetik-fitness.com

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GERD discussed Nov. 15

VALPARAISO | Porter Regional Hospital will present Got GERD? Turn Down the Heat on Heartburn at 6 p.m. Nov. 15. The free event will be at Strongbow Inn, 2405 Morthland Drive.

The presentation will increase awareness of a new procedure that helps eliminate gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD. It is not only painful but can be dangerous. GERD can burn the esophagus,...

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    Drs. Jac Cooper and Adam Conn from Associates in Surgery will discuss a new procedure called transoral uncisionless fundoplication, a long-term solution for chronic acid reflux or GERD. To register, call (800) Participants are required to wear gym

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    It's always a good thing to have something to eat before you rush out in the mornings, but breakfast before a workout could cause acid reflux . The solution for this issue, however, lies in eating only a small portion of your meal before your workout

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    Morin will address natural and alternative methods to heal and protect your body from common digestive problems such as acid reflux , digestive distress, constipation, irregularity, ulcers, hernias, IBS, GERDS and colitis. Free breast-feeding class

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I suffered from acid reflux for about six months. ... If the reflux is persistent then do gym on empty stomach and take on Tums before lifting.

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