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Lance Armstrong and the Prisoners' Dilemma of Doping in Professional Sports - Wired

Doping in professional sports is back in the news, as the overwhelming evidence against Lance Armstrong led to his being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and more. But instead of focusing on the issues of performance-enhancing drugs and whether professional athletes be allowed to take them, I’d like to talk about the security and economic aspects of the issue.

Because drug testing is...


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  • Lance Armstrong and the Prisoners' Dilemma of Doping in Professional Sports

    In the 1980s, athletes turned to newly developed analogs of endogenous substances made possible through recombinant DNA technology, including human growth hormone, testosterone, anabolic steroids, and synthetic human EPO. Drug tests are “intelligence

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HGH, A Personal Story
A personal HGH story is described about how Human Growth Hormone affected one person. ... With certain foods I'd get some acid reflux or heartburn.

Hormone Use And Gerd/acid Reflux | LIVESTRONG.COM
Hormone Use And Gerd/acid Reflux . Editions: Login or Register. Username: Password: Keep me logged in. ... What Is the Difference Between HCG & HGH?

No More Heartburn or GERD: HGH Supplements -Can They Turn Back the ...
Finding ways to cure acid indigestion, acid reflex, acid reflux, acid reflux asthma, acid reflux babies, acid reflux causes, acid reflux cough, acid reflux ...

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