Part 1, Dr. Carolyn Dean. Candidiasis and PMS on The Dini Petty Show, CFTO. Oct 25, 1990

A very good show about Candidiasis with a patient, Georgette Crisp; nutritional consultant Jeff Levin and Dr. Carolyn Dean. Symptoms of Candidiasis are caused by an overgrowth of Candida (yeast) in the intestines which cause yeast metabolites to flood the blood stream and cause body wide...

Yahoo answersmy 5 week old baby is spitting up blood and has blood in her stool. What could be causing this?

  • Newborn & Baby

    I strongly recommend taking your baby to a natropath (medical practitioner who does things naturally) rather than getting an x-ray at this point. Natropaths have some good alternatives to doctors....

anus itching - GERD (Acid Reflux) - MedHelp
Has anyone had anus itching due to taking medicine for gerds. ... GERD (ACID REFLUX ) EXPERT FORUM anus itching < < Back to Forum. By TIM813 | Feb 06, 2010

Heartburn and Itchy anus in children - Symptom Checker - check ...
Heartburn and Itchy anus in children and Abnormal stool texture due to lower intestinal disorders ... Acid reflux / heartburn 5. Acute Gastritis 6. Adrenal insufficiency 7.

stomach acid | stomach acid | Acid Reflux Disease
For more information about stomach acid check out Acid Reflux Disease ... I haven’t personally heard of low stomach acid being an itchy anus, but it makes sense.

sore + itchy skin around anus and vulva - Medical Questions ...
The skin around the vulva and anus is inflamed, sore and itchy, which seems worse at night. ... Acid Reflux . Acne. Addiction. Anemia. Anxiety. Back Pain. Bad breath. Bipolar.

What Is Anal Itching? What Is Itchy Bottom? What Causes Anal Itching?
Acid Reflux / GERD; ADHD; Aid / Disasters; Alcohol / Addiction / Drugs; Allergy; Alternative Medicine; Alzheimer's / Dementia; ... I have this itchy anus for over two years.

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