IVF Mummy diary- 22 weeks old

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Why I'm having my first baby at 51 - The Guardian

It wasn't so much the eleventh hour as five to midnight. We had two embryos left in the freezer of a fertility clinic and, by March, I'd be too old to receive them. With two miscarriages and four previous attempts at IVF embryo transfers , it felt like a futile mission, but in February, my partner, Pete, and I decided to give the dice one last roll.

We met in August 2002 on board a flight to Nice....

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  • Why I'm having my first baby at 51

    I tried acupuncture and had my monthly cycles monitored before we turned to IVF. Unimpressed by Fortunately, the worst of my pregnancy-related complaints have been acid reflux and swollen feet, and – claims Pete – I've started to snore. Agnes

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