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How women can identify heart disease - North County Times

It started with a vague ache between the shoulder blades. The kind you get after sitting at the computer too long, working out too hard at the gym or doing too many household chores. The kind of discomfort many women know, at least occasionally, and often live with every day.

Even when combined with unexplained fatigue, there was nothing about her subtle achy symptoms to make Julie Bradford think...


Yahoo answersHow long does acid reflux last?

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    If you are getting excruciating pains in your stomach, then you might have ulcers. You should see a doctor. Also, drink more water. It sounds like you might have a diet full of acidic foods. You...

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  • Dad Andrew Jones dies of heart attack after tests showed nothing wrong

    But following tests – including heart scans and a treadmill exercise examination – doctors said there was nothing to indicate he was a heart attack risk and that his problems were caused by acid reflux . The inquest heard Dr Jonathan Goodfellow

  • How women can identify heart disease

    According to studies, only 29 percent of women report experiencing chest pain when having a heart attack. But 70 percent say they had extreme fatigue. Women sometimes mistake heart disease for the flu or acid reflux , because the symptoms can be vague,

  • Some drug side effects only identified after hitting market

    From heartburn pills that cause heart attacks to anti-depressants that lead to suicide, Maclean's magazine is spotlighting drug side effects and dangers that are often identified only after they come to market. "It's a complicated issue. There are

  • Is Your Heartburn Due to GERD or NERD?

    Nearly half of the U.S. population has symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) at least once a month, and 20% have them weekly. But many of them don't get relief from standard acid-reducing medications, and don't have telltale damage to

  • Have a Healthy Thanksgiving Without Eating Like a Pilgrim

    The American Heart Association says if you have heart disease, a big Thanksgiving meal quadruples the risk of having a heart attack. Massive amounts of gastric acid are produced trying to handle the load of food which can lead to several acid reflux.

Difference Between Heart Attack & Acid Reflux Symptoms |
According to the American Heart Association, almost 500,000 deaths in the U.S. each year result from coronary heart disease (CHD). Chest pain is a common sign of a ...

Common Acid Reflux Symtoms or Heart Attack?
Acid reflux is something that many people struggle with on a daily basis. There are great medications out there that can help stop excess stomach acid ...

Heart Attack Symptoms From Acid Reflux |
Acid reflux is a common name for gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD. During an attack of GERD, the liquid contents of the stomach back up into the esophagus ...

Acid Reflux Chest Pain - You Are Not Having a Heart Attack!
Acid reflux chest pain is enough to have anyone running to a medical professional declaring their worry of having a heart attack. Stop! You may not be having a heart ...

Heartburn or chest pain: When is it heart attack? -
Learn the potentially lifesaving difference between heartburn and heart attack. Patient Care. ... allowing stomach acid to flow up (reflux) into your esophagus.

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